“Shanghaied” is about a 15 year old boy who wakes up on an African ship with no idea how he got there, where he’s going or if he’ll ever get back. And it happened to me.” David Paul Collins


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“None of the numerous coming-of-age memoirs, fictionalized accounts, or nonfiction historical books of sea-going adventures have captured my imagination as magically as David Paul Collins’ novel “Shanghaied”, based on his own true story as a merchant seaman.

“Shanghaied is one of those fun reads that reminds you why you don’t need a TV. I completely enjoyed the tale and Mr. Collins’ prose made me wish to be young again and to be able to chase a dream and live a life of adventure.” Michael G.

“Just the thoughts of a fifteen year old boy waking up on an African ship with no idea how he got there give me chills, but that is what happens to Jack Sligo in this story. And it is what happened to David Paul Collins in real life. Spellbound by his Irish grandfather’s tales of adventure, Jack Sligo had dreams of traveling around the world as part of the crew on a cruise ship. But did he dream of starting out this way? “Shanghaied” is a novel based on the author’s own true story as a merchant seaman, making this not just a fictional story, but a story told with realistic accounts of what actually happens in the life of a merchant seaman.

I was hooked from the beginning of this story because I wanted to see what happened to Jack Sligo. I can only imagine the shock this guy felt waking up on that ship of strangers! In this well-written story, David Collins takes you to the sea with him as he starts his sea journey at a very early age. I have never been at sea, but it felt almost as if I was there, smelling the sea, feeling the spray of salt water, and as a merchant, taking in everything on the entire ship from top to bottom.

I always enjoy reading a book by an author writing from personal experiences, and this is truly one of my favorites. I enjoyed the writing style of Collins, and felt I could laugh and cry with him throughout his journey. I highly recommend this book as a fantastic read for anyone, and especially for those looking for a great adventure. This book will take your adventurous juices and take them to a level you never knew you had. After reading “Shanghaied”, you will want to take those adventures with a stronger determination.” Reviewed by Joy H. for Readers Favorite

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”I sailed these same seas, visited the same ports and can report that the writer knows his stuff. Shanghaied is a wonderful book, well written and a great description of a life that few would ever know. I know because I sailed as Captain on these ships and am happy to relive the memories in this wonderful story.” Captain Walter Mergenthaler, Mexico City